Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Orange Run 2011

Woke up about 5.30am on Sunday to get ready for my run. I was really hungry when I woke up and had a cup of hot drink before I left the house. By the time I got to Curve it was nearly 6.30am. And then I realised that there is no bag drop facility over there. So I had to walk all the way back to the car to put my stuff, and went back to the starting line. The ladies starts the race at 7.00am and by the time I got back to the starting line it was 6.50am. I didn't do any stretching, nor warming up and just waiting to start running. And then the racebegan and I noticed an annoying uncle who started the race together with the ladies and yet at the same time blocking the way. Men are supposed to start their race 10 mins later but yet I don'tunderstand why this uncle had to start with the ladies.

It was a nice run and I did the same route last year. I remembered I wasn't that good and it took me 1 hour 11mins to complete it if I'm not mistaken. But this time I felt that my stamina was way much better and I could run all the way without stopping. I completed my race within 57mins for 11km at an average pace of 5:11. I was Position No. 9 in Women's Open category and I got a prize for the first time. :) I was really happy as I didn't expect to win at all.

I met a few regular runners and also my ex-uni mate which I have not seen for ages. It was really nice catching up with these people and of course meeting new ones too. :)

Anyway, I always love this run. After the race, there were loads of goodies given out. Even more than those runs that I joined which cost me RM60. And this race used to be free but this year they started charging for RM5 for charity purposes. But it's still one of the cheapest run I had ever participated. They also make sure they feed you well after the race as well and there were nasi lemak, cereal and loads of drinks to be taken.

I stayed till the end of the event as I was waiting to collect my prize. There was a lucky draw and I was hoping to win the lucky draw grand prize which was the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Unfortunately luck was really not there as they called a number which is 1 number different from my bib. Dang... Oh well, it was the first time I actually stayed till the event ended. It was great fun and I have to say that it was the best race ever.

I got 9th place and won BHP vouchers... Woohoo!!!

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