Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Cutie Starts Becoming Active?

Well, I thought it will be great to start writing my whole running journey experience since I only started about less than 2 years ago. Would love to keep track of my running records. hehe..

I actually love sports when I was a little girl. And I used to love running when I was in primary school. However, when I was in secondary school, I stopped all sports activities as I didn't manage to get any transportation to go for these activities. That's when I stopped being active and I remembered giving excuses that I would die if I exercise too much. I used to say that I wasn't being able to breath properly and gave all sorts of excuses that my mind was providing me just to get me not to exercise.

But I believed all these are being controlled in the mind. It's up to you how much you want it.

When I started working, there was this colleague of mine who used to ask me to join him for Terry Fox Run. I would give all sorts of excuses that I could come up like it was a waste of money and the distance is too far etc. I said that I would rather run in the gym instead. But I ended up not doing so.

So when did I actually started running? I started becoming active in running after participating in a 2.5km run in one of my Company's event in 2009 and I was placed 2nd. That was when I felt great. And during then I had this colleague of mine who had been running marathon for years and I felt that I wanted to be like him. And I wanted to achieve something different in life and of course something to look forward to. And that's how Cutie began her running journey. :)