Monday, July 4, 2011

Cutie was in Pain

Just as when I first decided to run, I injured my left thigh while doing some weights in the gym (I didn't know how). I was still not very active then and only go to the gym once or twice a month and only run 30 mins on the treadmill each time. However that didn't stop me from running though at times I did give some excuses of not going to the gym.

My first race that I took part was the Malakoff Run 7km in 2009. I remembered that I wasn't a fast runner then and felt that 7km was really a long distance. I didn't even know what my timing was as there were no timing chip and neither did I wear a watch to time myself. I remembered asking one of the volunteers there how do I get to know my timing, he said that for those who participated in the 7km run, they will have to time themselves as there isn't any timing chip for them. Only those who do the 12km runs will have the timing chip. From then on I told myself that I will run longer races and ensure that there is a timing chip for the races that I join.

I was also very stubborn and I think I'm probably one of the people that will annoy a lot of real runners as I just wanted to just participate and complete a marathon in the shortest span of time without training. And my 2nd race was the New Balance Pacesetter held in January 2010. There were 10km, 20km and 30km to choose from. And I was very tempted to do the 30km run but I got discouraged by a lot of people who told me that I'm not ready for it as I had never run even a 20km before. And during then, my right thigh was hurting real bad to the extent that I had to limp at times. So I decided to do a 20km run instead and completed it in 2:20:24.

I did regret a little not doing the 30km run but I was in serious pain after the race that it took me forever to walk to the car after the race. And I was in so much pain for the next few days to the extent that I had difficulty getting off the bed in the morning. But I kept telling myself it is all in my mind and if I have a strong mind, I will be able to go through the pain. Anyway. it was indeed a great experience. And I enjoyed it a lot even with all the pain I had to go through. But I realised going through that pain made me a stronger person physically.

And this is me who was so chubby then. hehe... Thanks to running, I lost some weight and look much better now, I think. 'grin' :)

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