Monday, July 18, 2011

MCD Run -17 July 2011

I went for the MCD Olympic Day Run at Dataran Merdeka on Sunday. Was really looking forward to this run for some reason. I think it was because I love MCD too much that I'm supporting everything they do. I guess in some ways I was hoping that they will serve Sausage Egg McMuffin after the run or Sundae Ice Cream. :) Yeah, I can keep hoping.

It's a 7km run and I didn't know what to expect as I had never done a short distance run for a long time. I think the last one I did was in 2009 and even then I didn't push really hard. So I thought this one will be a great training and to test what's my pace as well. I simply pluck from the sky the timing that I wish to achieve and then I realised it was just really tough especially for someone who doesn't train like me.

I was very disappointed with the race actually. It was very messy and the announcer was unclear and signs were not clear as well. Toilet is also another issue. When I approached the organiser, they didn't know where the toilet was and pointed here and there to me. Only later part I realised that it was at the car park area and they charge Rm0.20 for the toilet. Now that's a rip off especially when there are so many runners there who will definitely use the toilet especially before the race.

At the start of the race, there were simply too many people. It was just so crowded and again the slow runners were all queued in the front line and they ended up walking during the race and block the way.

Anyway, I finished the race with the time of 39 mins 34sec and position No.16 for Women's Open. And I got my medal. It's quite a pretty decent medal. It was quite a hilly run and I guess I underestimated it.

I was breathing so loud during the race and pushed myself really hard. I think some people thought I was suffering from asthma attack. 'lol' Well, that's how I breath when I push myself hard and sorry guys for making you all worry. It's also my first time running without an ipod. So I could hear my own breathing quite clearly and gosh it's loud.

Well, luckily I finished fast. I got my goodie bag, had loads of orange juice drink, ribena and also milo and got my banana too. After taking picture with Ronald and moo moo, I was getting ready to go home, I saw the queue to all the drinks station were insanely long. Well, I'm sure a lot of people will be complaining about the race. As for me, I doubt I will join this race again next year. It's just too crowded at the starting line. Anyway, most importantly is I get to feast and sleep after a Sunday run. haha.. And I had MCD for lunch. :)

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